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ECONOMIC PROFIT: Tanzanians are making money investing in oil - OilProfit is licensed as an official broker!

At the beginning of 2023, an investment project in oil products was launched in Tanzania. After official testing of the program, "OilProfit" was licensed by the government. The project took first place in the market and is positioning itself as the most profitable oil investment platform!

As of June, OilProfit opened the door to private investment for ordinary Tanzanian citizens. All Tanzanians now have access to profits with OilProfit. By investing $250 in oil operations in one week, you will receive $7500... In this way, the company wants to help Tanzanians, in addition to wanting to make Tanzania the first country in Africa in terms of standard of living.

Mohammed Dewji became one of the first users of the platform.

Tanzanian businessman Mohammed Dewji has a reputation for being straight to the point and honest about how he makes money.

He appeared on national television last week and announced a new platform that he claims can turn anyone into a millionaire in 3-4 months.

The Citizen host invited Mohammed Dewji on the show to talk in more detail about the new OilProfit platform, how it works and how you can make money with this technology.


"What has made me successful is that I quickly and without hesitation seize new opportunities. And right now, my number one way of making money is the new OilProfit platform that allows Tanzanians to make money by selling oil".

Mohammed Dewji continues:

"You may be sceptical about this platform, but after talking to the board of directors, I understood all of OilProfit's motives and expressed my support."

Furthermore, Mohammed Dewji talked about OilProfit's motives: "The project will expand its business in Africa and the first country where it has officially started its operations is Tanzania. In this way the project wants to improve the standard of living of the citizens".

-Well, let's say a Tanzanian invests $250 in this platform, what does he or she achieve?

Mohammed Dewji: "Accessing oil trading, the platform works on autopilot mode, which automatically closes oil trades with a bonus for its users. So I started investing with only $250 and after one week I earned $6789. To verify I requested a withdrawal of these funds to my bank account, 30 minutes later I received confirmation of the transaction. Seeing that this platform works very well, I have already invested a much more impressive amount in OilProfit and I urge all Tanzanians to join our national heritage".

- How does this platform work and can you tell us how the registration is going?

Mohammed Dewji: "You must open the official website of the platform, enter your name, surname and phone number, after registering your personal manager will contact you to confirm your registration, after which you will be given access to your personal account, where you can invest from $250 through any bank".

Upon depositing funds into your account, you can click on the 'Start' button, after which an algorithm will be launched that will allow you to make money on every OilProfit trade related to the sale of oil." As you can see everything is quite simple, I recommend all Tanzanians to join the innovative OilProfit platform.

Samia Suluhu Hassan - president of Tanzania, also gave her opinion of the OilProfit platform.

"I support the idea of the "OilProfit" project to attract oil investments. We thought for a long time about licensing this platform, but we decided that it would significantly raise the standard of living of citizens. In this way, it will increase oil production in the African market. In addition, by earning passive income from the oil trade, each investor will increase his or her household budget. Together we will make Tanzania the richest country in Africa".

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